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    Termini e Condizioni


    The present information on this website is provided in reference of the art. 13 of the D.lgs. n. 196/2003 ( and further variations) relative to the treatment of personal data effected through the collection and/or purchase of such data by the company LUCE ADV SRL and, anyhow by the data controller.
    Therefore this information is not concerned other web sites, accessible via available links on the offers sent by email from Databases of properties LuceAdv


    The holder of their data treatment is the Luce ADV s.r.l. society, with legal registered office in via Vincenzo Mirabella 18-80077 Ischia (NA).

    The manager who give thee answer to the person, is the privacy office of LUCE ADV S.r.l.

    Luce ADV S.r.l. buys and/or collect email and related personal data for current databasde: sceglilpremio, yudrive, offertissima, scontissimi, solofferte, yuclick, leggilanews.
    All these are the property of the latter and its partner sites.


    Web surfing data: while browsing on one of the sites owned by Luce ADV SRL or during the consultation of the offers sent it by e-mail (to which Luce ADV SRL has decided to join as a sponsor or sponsoring),
    informatics systems and software procedures that regulate the function of the website enable the acquisition of personal data which is transmitted upon use of Internet Communication protocols.
    Examples of this typology are IP addresses or domain names of the computers utilized by the web visitors, the Uniform Resource Identified address of the resources requested, the time that the request was made, the system used to make such request, the size of the file obtained in the reply, the numeric code indicating the state of the reply given by the server (received, error, etc.) and other parameters relative to the operating system and to the users IT settings.
    This data will become personal data the moment that the user decides to provide further information that will permit identification like, for example, compiling the registration form.
    The user will remain anonymous until he shall provide data which will identify himself.
    Registration data:
    The user can compile the form and provide directly his own personal data.
    User data:
    On the basis of the interest manifested by the user in the given services, the informatics systems can register the data of use of the services.


    The finality of treatment persecuted by the holder are the sequent:
    a) Contract finalities
    The data requested in the registration of the services are gathered to make possible that the user can accede a selected service and forwarding of the better commercial offers from the holder. The data provided can be used even for forwarding of commercial communications relative to products, services or initiatives of the holder; establishment of the degree of satisfaction of the clientele on the quality of services provided; sharing studies and statistic researches of marketing and for any activity in function of the execution of this service contract.
    These finalities don’t require any consent because they belong to the exception cases predicted from the art. 24 of D.lgs 196/03. For statistic purposes and to monitor the correct reception and lectures of the forwarding communications of the interested parts, there shall be used in the same communications some tag that will permit to verify the reception, lecture of the messages and to verify eventual link selected by the interested.
    b) Further finalities:
    Your data may be communicated to other enterprises (commercial partners of the holder) for the forwarding of commercial communications relative of products and services, sailing activities and placement, directly and un directly, of holdings and services, and once more for commercial communication of bank and /or insurance services.
    This data treatment will have effect in total autonomy of the single partners.
    The adjourned list of commercial partners is available in any moment , by requesting it by email at the privacy office by Luce ADV srl.


    Data treatment can be achieved with informatics or manual modalities with procedures that will guarantee the conformity with the standard dispositions. Specialized security are adopted to avoid the loss of data, the incorrect and illegal use and the unauthorized access of the same.


    The providing of any typology of data is completely voluntary.
    The failed providing of data can denote the impossibility of obtaining the services requested. Categories of subjects which personal data can be communicated or can be achieved as responsible , your personal data will be treated by subjects designed employees of treatment with accurate operating directives. Some treatments can be effected by other partners or subjects, with headquarters in Italy or overseas, at these the holder will provide at times some technical activities or management or organizing ( or some of them)in function of providing services and for the forwarding of commercial communications. In this case the same subjects will operate as holders substantives or , in other way, they will be designed as responsible of treatment. The responsible or the employees eventually designed have obtained operating instructions, with particular concern of the minimum security procedures, to guarantee the security and reservation of the data. Among our headquarters it is possible acquire the list of designed responsible of treatment. In case the services that concern the b type treatment are activated, the data will be communicated to other subjects or partners by specific commercial agreement. Anyway there will be no diffusion of data.


    With reference to the art.7 of D.lgs 196/2003( and further variations) ,the users interested have the right to obtain in any moment the confirmation about the existence of their own data and access it’s form and origins, even to verify if needed updating and rectification or integration . With reference to the same article the users interested have the rights to ask for cancellation, transformation into anonymous form or the blockage of data processed which trespass the law and also the opposition in any case, for legal causes, of their treatment. The requests have to be forwarded to the responsible of the crosscheck of the interested: Privacy Office, at Luce ADV s.r.l.


    Anticipating that this site uses it, for information, the cookies are bits of text from the software that runs the site to your personal computer user / visitor. A cookie can contain information such as the user ID that the site uses to track the pages you visit, but the only personal information a cookie can contain is information you supply yourself: in any case it is stressed that no personal user data is acquired by the site and do not use cookies to transmit personal information, nor are used cd cookies of any type or systems for tracking users. The use of C.D. session cookies (not stored permanently on the user's computer and disappear when the browser is closed) it is strictly limited to transmitting session identifiers (consisting of random numbers generated by the server), and data required to use the software enable a safe and efficient site: CDs Session cookies used on this site avoid the use of technologies that could compromise the privacy of the users and not allow the acquisition of personal identification data.